Total War: Warhammer II - Serpent God Edition

Total War: Warhammer II - Serpent God Edition

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As the twin-tailed comet arcs across the sky, those attuned to the Winds of Magic feel the air buckle with arcane energies. In torch-lit temple halls, fervent priests trace cobweb-threads of ancient geomancy, bowing their heads in fervent anticipation... All who know agree - a change is coming. From the thundering clouds of battle, a new god rears its scaled head. Sotek, the deliverer, god of Serpents and of War, has arrived. Truly an edition fit for a god, or at the very least a devoted high-priest, the Serpent God Edition comes wrapped in faux lizard skin, replete with stone effect glyphs modeled on Lord Mazdamundi's headdress, detailing the temple-cities of Lustria.

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Release date
September 28, 2017
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Real Time Strategy (RTS)