The Dynastic Hero

The Dynastic Hero

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The land of Tarron is under siege and you must save it from the wicked Drillkor Empire. A beautiful guide will help you along the way as only you, The Dynastic Hero, can deliver the goods! The Dynastic Hero is a slightly re-branded version of Wonder Boy in Monster World for the Turbo Duo.The game features palette-swapped visuals, new insect-themed graphics for main characters (and insects' natural predators as bosses), a Red Book audio soundtrack which is completely different from the Wonder Boy original, and anime-style cutscenes at the intro and ending. Shion was renamed Dyna and was modeled after a Hercules Beetle, and the final boss was changed to a giant lizard king. An English-language version was also produced, but both were built off of the Japanese version of Wonder Boy in Monster World. They feature the same difficulty and mechanics as the Japanese original.

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Release date
May 20, 1994
Turbografx-16/PC Engine CD
Role-playing (RPG)