Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 is a survival-horror game released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 and a sequel to Resident Evil Outbreak, which was originally envisioned as a much larger game before being cut into multiple releases. The same eight characters from the first title return with similar abilities, and the game takes place once again in a zombie-run Raccoon City. The new game has several new scenarios and boasts new gameplay developments for the Resident Evil series. Loading times have been reduced and while the previous Outbreak was on-line enabled in the US, this game is the first on-line Resident Evil game in Europe. The locals featured in this game include both the familiar (The Raccoon Police Department) and the exotic (A mutated jungle at mid-day) ones. The game boasts a hefty amount of unlockable material such as artworks, notes, trivia, and character costumes. The game is backwards compatible with your save file from Resident Evil Outbreak, meaning that you can take your unlocked content to this new setting.

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Release date
Sep 09, 2004
PlayStation 2
Adventure, Shooter, Puzzle

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