Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0

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A new update for Gran Turismo 5, called Spec 2.0 was released on October 11, 2011, featuring 11 new NASCAR vehicles, a new downloadable opening movie (no longer available after the server shutdown in 2014), the ability to save during endurance races, weather intensity control and AI improvements. Along with the release of Spec 2.0, Yamauchi also announced that four DLC packs would be available on October 18. These packs featured 15 new vehicles, two new tracks, 20 new driver costumes and 100 new paint colors. The packs were released on October 18, while the North American release was delayed until October 25. PD stated that all following DLC packs would be released in a two-month time frame. As of today, all downloadable content has been permanently removed from PlayStation Store.

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Release date
October 11, 2011
PlayStation 3