Far Cry 6: Danny & Dani Vs. Everybody

Far Cry 6: Danny & Dani Vs. Everybody

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“Danny & Dani vs. Everybody” is a new Yaran story where “players will need to prevent Antón Castillo’s forces from blowing up Danny’s plan to come to Yara to make his world-famous tasty tacos to feed the hungry.” Then, in The sixth and final Special Operation, “Malagua”, “Trejo returns a favor by joining players to help students protesting the Antón’s military – who is deploying the chemical weapon (PG-240X) in Yara.” Players also get access to the Danny Trejo Bundle, which includes themed gear, Trejo’s signature outfit, and the taco truck from the missions.

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Release date
December 17, 2021
PlayStation 5