Far Cry 5: x Mondo Edition

Far Cry 5: x Mondo Edition

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Stemming from an exclusive partnership between Mondo, a collective of artists specialising in film and television show collectibles, and Ubisoft, the Far Cry 5 Mondo Edition features exclusive artwork directly inspired by the unique universe of the game. Mondo’s artists are highly regarded for their amazing reinterpretations of entertainment franchises, through exclusive and very limited series of posters. Together Mondo and Ubisoft have created a uniquely original edition, limited to 4000 units. Exclusively available on the Ubisoft Store, this artwork is a must-have for all Far Cry fans. The Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition includes: The Far Cry 5 Standard Game. A unique, exclusive and limited Steelbook designed by Jay Shaw, Creative Director of Mondo. A stunning vinyl inspired by Jay’s work. A code to download the digital version of the vinyl tracks : twelve songs that reflect perfectly the atmosphere of the game. Unique packaging.

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Release date
March 27, 2018
Xbox One
PC (Microsoft Windows)
PlayStation 4