Far Cry 5 Season Pass

Far Cry 5 Season Pass

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"With the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, you’ll go beyond Hope County and face off against hordes of zombies, ruthless Việt Cộng soldiers, and Martian arachnids – plus, you’ll get additional consumables. Also includes a copy of Far Cry 3. FEATURES: - Hours of Darkness – Travel back in time to Vietnam, battle the Việt Cộng, rescue your squad, and extract yourselves back home. - Dead Living Zombies – Face off against hordes of zombies in seven scenarios imagined by B movie director Guy Marvel. - Lost on Mars – Leave earth and go toe-to-claw against Martian arachnids to save the world from an alien invasion. - Far Cry® 3 – Re-explore the open world first-person shooter that redefined Far Cry. - Also includes additional weapons, outfits, and consumables."

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Release date
March 27, 2018
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Role-playing (RPG)