Far Cry 2: Collector's Edition

Far Cry 2: Collector's Edition

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The long awaited sequel to the popular first-person shooter Far Cry. More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry 2 immerses players in an entirely new kind of gaming experience, featuring a custom-made video game engine built from the ground up. Players will discover a true open world gameplay set in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, Africa, brought to life by high-definition next-gen technology. Collector's Edition Contains: Far Cry 2: A copy of the game The Art of Far Cry 2: Artbook Collectable 50km map: Never get lost! Far Cry T-shirt: Play in style! Map Guide Book: Helping you find your way around this enormous gameworld. Making-of DVD: Including the Far Cry 2 dev team's thrilling African trip!

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Release date
October 23, 2008
PC (Microsoft Windows)