DOOM: The Golden Souls Remastered

DOOM: The Golden Souls Remastered

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Project "Redemption" was inspired by the hub traveling shenaningans of Unloved and unconventional colorful scenarios of the first Serious Sam games as opposed to the usual dark n' gritty in shooters, with a sprinkle of all the things I loved about Nintendo. That project then became Golden Souls, a humble little beginning for a small modder-wannabe. After announcing the project I went to celebrate New Year's eve with my parents, I remember pulling the phone out from time to time and checking the comments on the forums, plenty of people were excited for this project and already started giving their input on it. It was exciting, and it was only the beginning. Through good times and bad times, Golden Souls has been a big part of my life for 8 years, and while the new games have become something even more unique, I still look back and think of those humble roots, that simple happy garden with the Golden Cacodemon running away from the player, the first Van Gogh inspired map that has become a staple of all my works and the quirky little drawings of Doomguy killing demons to save the day. My intentions with this remaster are not only to improve on that foundation without betraying what was my vision back then for this project, but also provide an entry point for people that want to experience this mod for the first time and for the people that already played this adventure and want to experience it all over again with a fresh new coat of paint.

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Release date
October 16, 2021
PC (Microsoft Windows)