Assassin's Creed: Limited Edition

Assassin's Creed: Limited Edition

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Assassin's Creed is a non-linear action-adventure video game, during which the player controls a 12th-century Levantine Assassin named Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad during the Third Crusade, whose life is experienced through the Animus by his 21st century descendant, Desmond Miles. The North American edition contains a collectible three inch Altaïr figurine, a Penny Arcade comic, a mini strategy guide and a bonus disc. The bonus disc includes behind the scenes videos, developer diaries, trailers, production team interviews, and the winners of the Assassin's Creed short film contest. The European limited edition of the game includes a twelve inch Altaïr figurine, art book, and bonus disc. The bonus disc contains several short films and content similar to the North American version.

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Release date
November 13, 2007
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360